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We Also Offer the Following Services: Care Home Facility Start Up with Complete Documentation, Service Plan Preparations & Letter of Transmittal, Finger Printing, Notary, and TB Testing. Our Office is Open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday thru Friday. Enrollment is open everyday and by appointment during weekends.

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Platinum Training Services, LLC

“One of the Top 5 Rated Caregiver & Manager Training School in Arizona”

Platinum Training Services LLC accepts students of any race, color, sex, nationality or ethnic origin.  We do not discriminate in anyway with regards to:

  • Students rights/ privileges
  • Admission & Educational policies and procedures
  • Use of school facilities
  • Any other regular or extracurricular activity

This is a School for Caregivers with a Training Program Curriculum approved by Arizona State Board of Nursing Care Institution Administrators & Assisted Living Managers


  • To train the students who are aspiring caregivers & managers to be knowledgeable and skilled in providing care to the senior adults in the assisted living facility

We have FREE Caregiver and Manager courses for qualified applicants... Call Today!

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Our Office and School location:

8738 W. Cholla St., Suite 8
Sun Flower Plaza
Peoria, Arizona 85345

Tel. No. (623) 215-7914
Fax No. (623) 234-8166

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Cell No. (623) 889-4029/
Cell No. (619) 808-3498


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